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I finally remembered to photograph something that isn’t yellow! Plus it was something delicious, so that’s a bonus. Anyway, TGIF! Last week I thought fall was here to stay, so I was surprised this week when we got some mid-80s sunny days back. Made our choice of soups on the menu feel slightly less appropriate, but this kale salad and some of our other recipes felt right at home in a transitional week. Shall we take a look?
what we ate last week:
 we didn’t used to be so regular about going out on fridays, but i think because of writing here weekly we’ve been sticking closer to our meal plans and therefore by Friday, are ready for a break. we went out for burgers!
saturday unexpectedly we had family in town, so we went out with them.
sunday as i’d  mentioned i was in the mood for curry chicken noodle soup, so we decided to make it happen. i was inspired by the pioneer woman’s chicken and noodles recipe, so we tweaked from there, seasoning significantly with curry powder and adding broccoli. Love those Reames egg noodles in the fall.
*Also Sunday: we made these scrambled egg muffins for breakfast, hoping they’d also make great breakfasts for work days…sadly I was disappointed. I guess I thought they’d be more muffiny, but they were decidedly cornbread. For cornbread, they were very good and had great adjuncts! Just wasn’t what I expected. Still, I love Sundays for the opportunity to play around in the kitchen.
monday we ‘de-hello-freshed’ a recipe we’d seen mentioned on their menu awhile back and made mushroom ravioli with breadcrumbs based on their ravioli gratin recipe. we tweaked a few aspects and overall this was good! kind of like ravioli stroganoff. we didn’t love to particular mushroom ravioli brand we used, but i would try this again with different ravs and perhaps do chunks of mushrooms instead of slices. still, very fall!
tuesday the kale salad pictured above was based on this recipe; we took the cinnamon out of the vinaigrette and reduced the honey, skinned and diced the apples, added bacon, and just focused on the pepita clusters for crunch (skipping the pecans). It was really great and we’ll definitely make again!
wednesday we made these broccoli cheddar baked potatoes– doubling the broccoli, and with my usual speed tweak of microwaving the potatoes until almost cooked and then finishing cooking in the often to crisp and salt up the skin a bit.This was a hearty vegetarian meal that was super satisfying, hitting the same spot as broccoli cheese soup but with less cheese. Would make again!
thursday we were supposed to make another soup…but it was 85 degrees and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. we went out to eat instead. sorry/not sorry!

on the docket: 

  • i still have the ingredients for this creamy soup with gnocchi, kale and sausage that we were supposed to make tonight, so i’m hoping to make it tomorrow!
  • the ravioli dish from last week made me crave a cheese tortellini we like better from the same brand…interested in trying it in a soup!
  • in the mood for something pumpkin…maybe pumpkin pancakes! and bacon!
  • nostalgia craving for french bread pizza sounds like a good one to indulge on a night when we’re a bit too tired for higher-effort cooking.
  • we learned of a local spot with really good baguettes, so i was thinking of salami sandwiches on those (hearkening to our trip to France last spring) with a zingy salad, maybe for a weekend lunch…maybe we can efficiently dual-wield salami into this chopped salad?

on my mind:
> did i blink and miss gravenstein apple season? it’s not fall without making applesauce!
> another thing i love about fall…good tv season. literally too much to keep up with!
> continuing my travel daydreaming, but trying to be more realistic/short-term attainable, I’m thinking about something local for this fall– maybe the southern oregon coast, or somewhere super autumnal like a cabin in the woods, or maybe like a road trip next spring or summer? don’t mind me, i’ll be over here googling and drooling.
> last week i was thinking about butternut squash lasagna, this week i keep coming across risotto recipes that look good…trying to ruminate on how to balance seasonal recipes/things that sound yummy as the weather cools, with things that aren’t all cheese, carbs and other yellow things.

Happy Friday!






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