what’s cooking

It’s fall y’all. And I’m pretty excited about it. It’s been raining and overcast here and it is so refreshing to experience being chilly again! It also makes being in the kitchen so much more pleasant, and it was a pretty good week in that regard– we didn’t cook as many nights as some weeks, but we did some smart planning work that allowed meals to share ingredients and share work, which saved money, time, and waste while also being super tasty! Wanna see?
what we ate last week:
 pizza delivery! heck yes, no cooking friday.
saturday we did some snacking at an afternoon brewfest, came home, and then spontaneously had people over in the evening, so we wolfed down leftover pizza slices in between activities; heck yes, no cooking saturday!
sunday we wanted a real sunday dinner, and i was inspired by these sicilian fennel and parmesan dumplings in tomato sauce (ottolenghi’s guardian articles never disappoint), but didn’t feel like fiddling with dumplings. So we decided to caramelize shaved fennel and onions, and add that to meatballs (we used this recipe as a base) and it was wonderful! we served in always classic tomato sauce with onion and butter, over spaghetti, and happily made the full amount of meatballs to ensure we’d have leftovers for later in the week.
*Also (I love Sundays): we made this chocolate swirl banana bread, pictured above, leaving out chocolate chips. It was delicious and made for a great grabbable breakfast option all week. For lunch, we made quesadillas with the leftover pork chile verde; also delicious!
monday an approximate half recipe of this italian sausage, gnocchi and tomato soup, with mini gnocchi and a couple of my favorite tweaks– kale instead of spinach, parmigiano rind in the broth, and a can of tomato juice in place of some of the other canned tomato products typical of tomatoey soup. This was a good and weather appropriate meal!
tuesday dry-rubbed new york steaks with chimichurri, roasted potatoes, and salad.
wednesday thank you, former self, for making extra meatballs so we could make a 10-minute meal out of leftover meatball subs.
thursday last week i said making gyros was on the docket…does it count we got gyro takeout? i didn’t think so. but it was still good.

on the docket: 

  • would it be wrong to make another gnocchi soup? this creamy one with kale and sausage looks tempting.
  • if the weather stays cool and two soups doesn’t feel too much, i’m kind of feeling the idea of a curry chicken noodle soup, using those good frozen egg noodles…
  • love the looks of this kale salad and it sounds so perfectly seasonal. thinking of leaving out the cinnamon (can’t quite wrap my head around cinnamon vinaigrette), and maybe adding bacon to pair with the kale, apple, and cheddar.
  • we’ve been eating an awful lot of meat lately, so i want to do better making sure we have at least one or two vegetarian meals per week…might be in the mood for mushroom ravioli gratin or maybe broccoli cheddar baked potatoes with extra broccoli?

on my mind:
> last year we made an autumn lasagna by heavily adapting a recipe, and i lost track of my notes and the recipe we worked from! may need to sleuth again soon.
> this post about falling off and getting back on the meal planning wagon…so true. it doesn’t take much to fall off, but it also doesn’t take much to get back on! for me it’s all about not being too ambitious, and making room in it for fun stuff, easy stuff, pivoting to suit your needs, and occasionally just being ok with getting take-out.
> want to start this next week with easy grabbable breakfast options, like the banana bread did for us this week– maybe some muffins? options aplenty 1, 2, 3
> still have travel on the brain…more maine, plus spain!





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